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released June 1, 2009

Recorded, mixed and mastered at
Iguana Studios in March-Buchheim
20.04 - 26.04 and 15.05 + 16.05.2009
by Christoph Brandes “and exiled”.

Produced by Christoph Brandes and

All songs recorded by Andi (drums,
Müsli), Frank (vocals, bass) and
Stefan (guitars, backingvocals).
Outro on “Prey For Freedom” spoken
by BenW.

Cover Artwork by Robert Buhl


all rights reserved



Stormhunter Balingen, Germany

Stormhunter is a Heavy Metal Band from Balingen playing metal in the vein of early Helloween and Running Wild.

It was founded 1998. After a break, the band was reactivated by Stefan Müller in 2007.

Current lineup:
Frank Urschler (vocals), Andreas Kiechle (drums), Fritz (bass), Burkhard Ulrich (guitar), Stefan Müller (guitar)
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Track Name: Century Of Wars
Century Of Wars

Systematic persecution
Violence and hate
Daily hell of hopeless people
Struggling with their fate
With desperation as companion
They live a life in pain
Succumbing to resignation
Misery remains

Don't you think there've died too many
In the battlefields
Don't you think it's time to make
An end to all this grief
Propaganda everywhere,
Poisoning our hearts
As we march relentlessly
Into another century of wars

Ethnic cleaning, mutilation,
Cruelty and rape
The leaders of civilization
Help to dig the graves
Slaves of political power
Held by any means
Promises just empty words
To wash their conscience clean

To the leaders of this world
Do you still believe it's worth
To deceive and hawl your
Banner of disguise
To fight for freedom you pretend
The guide of torture in your hands
Only devastation
Everywhere you've been
Track Name: Knights Of Metal (Part 2)
Knights Of Metal (Part II)

We're born in a cradle of metal
And we'll be buried in a coffin of steel
Metal flows in our veins
We're breathing fire and steam
For metal we live, heavy and raw
This attitude is not for sale
We don’t give a fuck
About trends that arise
This music will always prevail

Knights of metal, we are back
Here for iron glory
Prepare for the steel attack
With sonic power we will strike
Knights of metal, we are back
Here for iron glory
Prepare for the steel attack
Always stand for heavy metal sound

Howling guitars, drums out of hell
Powerful screamings and yells
Forging this sound, by metal we're bound
Metal makes our world go round
We're feeding the demons
Spreading the seeds
Everyday stronger is growing the beast
Playing the tunes that cure any disease
Living for the taste of steel

We're the guardians of metal
The masters of steel
Our reign is forever
No surrender, never bow, never knee
Track Name: Hunting The Storm
Hunting The Storm

The sky is clouding over
Hear the raging storm approach
Escorting the armies of the damned
Evil broke the sacred barrier
Now it´s running rife
Trying to bring us
Misery and pain

Turning all into a wasteland
A reign of hate and fear
Our kingdom full of joy
Has become a prey for tears

We´re hunting the storm
Looking straight in its eye
We´re fighting for glory and peace
Axe and sword in our hands
We´ll banish the damned
We will make our final stand

Battalions coming nearer
Can you hear their battlecries
They´ll attack, but we will never fall
Swords and spears around us
They try to hunt us down
But we will resist against their deadly wall

The battleground is trembling
And lightning fills the sky
An ice-cold wind is howling
But our hearts keep flying high
Track Name: Darkness, My Friend
Darkness, My Friend

Darkness wraps her arms
Around the fading day
Like an outcast, as it seems
Begging him to stay
Swallowing the rays of light
Before the curtain falls
Haunted by uncertainty
Of what the future holds

I don't know where I come from
I don't know where to go
On a never ending journey
Through the of turmoil my soul
In the labyrinth of sorrows anxiety unfolds
The darkness that surrounds me
Is the long forgotten friend who's coming home

Slowly, the sun unveils
Her light in shades of red
Building effigies of shadows
Barely born already dead
On her throne she weaves the burden
For another day
Before she's taking leave
To dwell in solitude again

When I wake up in the darkness
From the numbness of my dream
In the gloom of mournful shadows
Things are never what they seem
As I'm longing for compassion
In the twilight between night and day
My wishes and my memories
Seem to wilt, to fade way
Track Name: Bitter Fate
Bitter Fate

A bitter fate is calling
In the shadows of the night
All defences are falling
Still the masses follow blind
On the trail of broken promises
Towards hatred and despair
Between ignorance and secrecy
The demise of men draws near

Welcome to the festival
Of deception and disguise
Come and take a seat in the first row
Acclaim the tyrants on their rise

In the silence of the morning
The machinery goes on
Still an hesitating whisper
Testifies we're not alone
Like the water down the river
Our time is flowing away
And you cannot stem it's bleeding
On its way to our decay

Welcome to the masquerade,
Can you separate sheep from wolves
Do really think you can free yourself
From the grip that power holds
On you

We are protected from misery
Our life is perfect harmony
Enjoy your freedom, to be a slave
Subordinated, to the grave
Track Name: Prey For Freedom
Prey For Freedom

The die is cast, the hunt is on
A new era has begun
Hostility, suspicion, we're like foxes on the run
A cage for your security
And a muzzle for your thoughts
As an exemplary citizen
You're guilty without charge

During every move you make
Someone always "cares" for you
No choice you make, no step you take
Will be secret anymore
From the cradle to the grave
Guidance and assistance
Dead and buried liberty
Don't give it up without resistance!

Prey for freedom
Tortured for the sake of "truth"
Prey for freedom
Accusations as the only proof
Prey for freedom
Now you're playing in director’s cut
Prey for freedom
Enjoy our brave new world

Under the pretext of fighting terrorism
the era of virtual oppression has begun,
bringing the methods of surveillance and
censorship to their perfection.
With information as the most powerful
weapon in its hands, the state has the
power to "convince" every single citizen
of its opinion.
Constiutions, human rights, personal
freedom only remain as trophies on the
wall of indifference and ignoranc
Track Name: After The Rain
After The Rain

Frozen stars fall down on earth
Like mighty weapons from above
A dangerous beauty giving birth
To avalanches of ice an snow
A white shroud covering the ground
Frozen breath behind your neck
Dignified like a king so proud
Subjecting overbearing crowds

Now the dreary days of winter
Are giving in to nature's growth
The world awakes from hibernation
Begins anew the dice to throw
In the early morning breeze
A million flowers dancing
To an imaginary melody
So silent but heard everywhere

After the rain
Will our sins be washed away
After the pain
What will tomorrow bring
After the tears
When there's no more
reasons left to cry
Is this the end
Do we have to say goodbye?

Thunder shakes the roaring sky
All studded with the seeds of light
A fireball up in the sky
Will make our coursing life run dry
The earth begins to quake you know
Her bleeding wounds are burning
For her suffering she'll make us pay
Prepare for judgement day

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