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An Eye For An I

by Stormhunter

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A Thousandth Part Verse 1: The sands of time for humanity are running low But still everyone tries to get the best place for the show Little do they know, that the clock is ticking faster Just a wink away - from a rhapsodic dance - of disaster Bridge 1: On the rays of nemesis they hail the dawn of an erupting sun Verse 2: Incandescent, there she lays the beauty of extinction A moment so cruel, so real, no melancholic fiction A ticking time-bomb encased by plushy promises You better realize or consider your last wish Bridge 2: On the waves of indifference they sail towards a deep abyss Chorus: Thousand ways to die – Blood runs from altars of madness Thousand bloody lies from a false profession of greed Thousand weary sighs – Tears become a sea of sadness Thousand stupid lies – Born from a mendacious vow of fear SOLO Chorus
Among The Blind Verse 1: Like sirens with enchanting songs Bewitching disoriented minds Devious architects about To leave humanity behind Surrounded by illusions Profuse in promises Society surrenders To the restless parasite Bridge: Prophets of doom To the slaughter lead the lambs Prophets of gloom Raise their iron hands Verse 2: Impalpable intimations Insidious changes happening For those who try to move Appear the shackles 'round their feet For every cancer that is healed A wealth of new ones prosper An everlasting fight Against the Hydra and her heads Bridge Chorus: Among the deaf The loudest cry for help remains unheard Among the dumb Perfidious deeds conflate into demise Among the blind Obvious transgressions – have no need to disguise The one-eyed will be kings SOLO Verse 1 Bridge Chorus (3x)
Cathodic Messiah Verse 1: Angry faces on the screen Intoxicated beggars Rotten, useless parasites Bull’s eye for the mob Chorus: Cathodic Messiah Bow to the master of the world // Cathodic Messiah Director of your life Cathodic Messiah Bow to the master of the world Cathodic Messiah Verse 2: Messy bastards all around In compliance with their role Feeling sorry for themselves In their rabbit hole This crap - you call reality To stupefy the masses Infects our society Compassion’s left behind SOLO 1 CHORUS SOLO 2 Verse 3: Sink! - or swim is what you preach In your scripted world Human life is cheap for you Clean conscience out of reach Chorus (2x)
Victimized 03:46
Victimized Verse 1: Corrupt politicians, gamblers of war Profit's what they are looking for Greedy bastards, consumers of hate Insanity will seal their fate Canting priests, sinners of faith Glorify god - until it’s too late Factitious babbitts, accountants of death Out for money 'till their final breath Chorus: Victimized for the praise of gold Victimized for society’s fault Victimized for a long lost goal Victimized to rescue a desperate soul SOLO Verse 2: Try to break out or follow the sign Live the curse, believe revelation divine Don’t become a victim of fate Step into the light before it’s too late Military intelligence, spies of lies The fear of the unknown justifies Blind obedience, servants of doom Mankind drowns in a blackened gloom Chorus
Tortured Mind Verse 1 Unconsciously we are running Straightforward into demise Wondering how to break free from the claws Of the monster we're feeding with lies Into the abyss we're falling Straightforward into the void Lost and confused on our old beaten tracks We are wandering without an aim Verse 2 The facade of democracy crumbles We're invoking the ghosts of the past Full of despise we look down on the ones Who deserve our attention and care United oppressors deciding About the fate of the world Slowly the noose is tightening on freedom And mankind is bound for despair Chorus Come and follow me into my tortured mind Discover all the pain of our kind Follow me, cross the line Between clairvoyance and fear Don't you know We're running out of time Solo Verse 1 Chorus (2x) Schluss Follow me my friend Out of this dead-end
Hell (Is What You Make Of It) Verse 1: Thousands beg for food and water That’s no concern of mine I’m so tired of this laments Poverty should be a crime They live from hand to mouth But yet complain of their distress That´s no reason to raise hell Millions even cope with less Bridge: Far beyond the economy the state has to be strong High above the equal rights, there were we belong Chorus (2x): Im' the light I blaze the trail to your demise I'm your guide The piper leading you to suicide Verse 2: From above my ivory tower – I smile And keep them all in line Someone always has it worse Just climb down and stop to whine Their best endeavor can’t be enough While my wealth is always growing They say: “Don’t you even dare!” But why should I really care?! Bridge SOLO Bridge Chorus (2x)
Of Knights And Men Verse 1: The knights in shining armour Are ready for the fight On the quest for maids of honour We’re riding through the night Bridge: The wise, the brave, the pure, the black Every peril’s driven back Verse 2: We're travelling all through the land With a mission - on gods command We even cross the bridge of death On the way to save the world Bridge Chorus: On the everlasting quest for the holy grail Against almost every threat we will prevail Just before the sacred chalice comes within our reach The strong arm of the law cuts our retreat Verse 3: Ready yet to take our heels Before the storm breaks loose No matter what’s the question We know the answer we should choose Bridge Chorus Some men are frightened of rabbits But no cowardice will be shown Counting from one to three And the holy grenade will be thrown And although the French wind us a lot We live and fight - for Camelot SOLO Chorus
An Eye For An I Verse 1: On the corner of a street Behind computer screens With every step, with every click Your profile’s taking shape Bridge: Unowned eyes stare into space Hidden fingers point at you You can divine this cold embrace With every breath, with every step Verse 2: In the supermarket on checkout Unconcerned you leave your marks Free of charge but not for free Switch off your mind - for a little fee Bridge Chorus: No more places left to hide Everywhere you go Almost everyone floats with the tide And although anyone seems blind Everywhere you go You will always find an open eye for you (Someone always keeps an eye on you) Ende Open your eyes think about what you see Although it's obvious, it's hard to believe The eyes in your back, they are staring at you Sinner or saint, the decision is no longer yours Open your eyes Think about what you see Sinner or saint The eyes in your back stare at you
Parasite 03:31
Parasite Verse 1: You try to run your fellows down You´re rotten to the core You kill the goose that lays the golden egg But you want more Bridge 1: One day you'll realize - you´re not the better one And all the chances you´ll have had Will be dead and gone Verse 2: I don´t care about you lies Don’t care about your reasons For me you´re just a clown - without audience Bridge 2: One day you'll realize Your life has passed you by Without a gain, without a friend Condemned to lonely die Chorus: You're a spawn of disgust Never can't get enough Every hand that will feed you - you'll bite - without fail Spinning your web of lies Laying traps on your way A venomous spider - a malevolent soul in disguise SOLO Verse 3: Bastard, get out of my sight I don't want you in my mind The time is right to strike your flag To shake off the yoke and to change tack Bridge 3: One day you'll realize You're just a piece of crap And all the people you´ve cheated will laugh at you Watching you crash!
Running Down 03:08
Running Down Verse 1: As you look at yourself in the mirror, convinced an arrogant All you want to achieve is to be better than the rest No concerns and no remorse, for you everything looks fine Even if the end comes near, you won’t change your mind Chorus: Running down the river of life - Drowning in the tide of doubts Running with the track of strife - Without even knowing why Running down the stream of time - Passing by the age of redemption Running with the path of grime - Without even knowing why SOLO Verse 2: As you get older, you feel yourself bitter and depressed All youth is gone, yet you’re the one, that fights against the rest No excuses, no lautering, you still think everything is right Until your end is coming near, you won’t change your mind Chorus
Spring Is In The Air Verse 1: Rabble-rousing politics The press with sails trimmed to the wind The mantra of austerity Sealing Europe’s fate Elitist and criminal In the forefront of society Cynical and arrogant The actors of the farce Bridge 1: A cold wind has bitten The flower called democracy The time is now for spring In Germany Chorus: Read between the lines The hardly wrapped up lines You won’t have any gain from burying your head in the sand The happy days are gone Oppression’s growing strong Awakening to blossom in dead glance Deceivers rule the land Verse 2: Still repeating all this lies Necessity of spending cut No compassion for the poor Only money counts these days Throwing sand into our eyes Eroding solidarity Propagating misery For markets to increase Bridge 2: Trampled all over Our freedom and our privacy The ones supposed to serve us Are drowning us instead Chorus SOLO 1 Chorus Break: Lying, spying, killing globally Total war against society The witch hunt is on SOLO 2 Chorus 2x


released November 1, 2014

Recorded at Iguana Studios in Freiburg im Breisgau
Produced by Christoph Brandes and Stormhunter


all rights reserved



Stormhunter Balingen, Germany

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Stormhunter is a Heavy Metal Band from Balingen playing metal in the vein of early Helloween and Running Wild.

It was founded 1998. After a break, the band was reactivated by Stefan Müller in 2007.

Current lineup:
Frank Urschler (vocals), Andreas Kiechle (drums), Fritz (bass), Burkhard Ulrich (guitar), Stefan Müller (guitar)
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